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Cobalt 27 Capital is an innovative metals streaming and royalty company recognized for its leadership in developing a battery metals focused investment vehicle offering exposure to metals integral to key technologies of the electric vehicle and energy storage markets. With 98% of global cobalt supply mined as a byproduct of nickel and copper mining, prior to the launch of Cobalt 27 in June 2017, pure cobalt linked equity opportunities available to investors, have been limited historically.

Investor demand for battery materials such as cobalt and nickel, has grown significantly over the past few years. Additionally, new sources of mine financing will be required over the coming years to meet forecasted demand for critical battery metals. By purchasing current and future mined production of battery metals, Cobalt 27 is positioned to take advantage of the early stages of the battery metals upcycle where large-scale, base metals producers are actively seeking to leverage byproduct metals to fund mine expansion and repay debt using alternative, non-dilutive sources of capital.

The Company acquired a cobalt stream on Vale's world-class Voisey's Bay mine beginning in 2021, including the announced underground expansion; holds an 8.56% JV interest in the long-life, world-class Ramu Mine which is expected to add attributable nickel and cobalt production, and immediate cash flow; and, holds 2,904.7 Mt of refined cobalt, one of the world’s largest stockpiles of physical cobalt. The Company also manages a portfolio of 11 royalties and intends to continue to invest in a battery metals-focused portfolio of streams, royalties and direct interests in mineral properties containing battery metals.

Cobalt 27 believes the acceleration of global demand for electric vehicles, driven by strong improvements to battery technology and increased engagement from traditional automotive manufacturers, will continue to support positive market dynamics for battery metals over the next 10 years and, provide shareholders with significant potential value appreciation through the company’s acquisition of battery metals focused assets. The company’s acquisition strategy is to fully exploit current market opportunities to invest in streams and royalties, and deliver growth as the leading battery metals investment vehicle.

Cobalt 27 applies a disciplined investing and operating approach and is actively pursuing battery metals streaming and royalty opportunities that could provide shareholders with near-term revenue and cash flow, diversified asset exposure, and additional future avenues for growth.