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Cobalt 27 invests in physical cobalt and does not intend to actively speculate with regard to short-term changes in cobalt prices. This strategy is intended to provide investors with an ability to effectively invest in cobalt in a manner that does not directly include risks associated with investments in companies that explore for, mine and process cobalt. The Company’s primary objective is to achieve appreciation in the value of its cobalt holdings. Cobalt 27 provides an investment alternative for investors interested in investing directly in cobalt.

The Company holds 2,905.7 tonnes of physical cobalt consisting of 2,193.1 tonnes of premium-grade cobalt and 712.6 tonnes of standard-grade cobalt.

All cobalt owned by Cobalt 27 is insured and stored at secure warehouses located in Baltimore, Antwerp and Rotterdam. The warehouses are certified by the London Metal Exchange and must meet its international standards of warehousing. These standards provide requirements for security, size, rates, logistics, accessibility, material handling, delivery points, and permitting.

The Company’s physical cobalt will be held on an allocated and segregated basis; and not comingled with any other party’s cobalt. Cobalt is not reactive, and does not readily combine with other substances. As such, no special storage facilities are required for storing cobalt.

Cobalt is typically stored in metal drums. The content of the drums (grade, brand and physical qualities of the cobalt) is verified at the time of packing, and then sealed. Identification numbers and details are recorded; and the cobalt will generally remain sealed until opened by the end user. Prior to purchase, the Company engages independent third parties to access the secure warehouse where the cobalt is being stored for purposes of verifying the presence of the cobalt and confirm warehouse records as to quantity and weight received and stored. The Company will then undertake an annual audit / verification of its cobalt inventory.

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